1. felixandria said: hey!!! this might be weird but i came across your winter soldier cosplay on my dash and it's AMAZING, first of all, u look SO GOOD, and second of all i was wondering what you made your arm out of/how you did it??? i've been trying to figure out how to do it FOREVER and yours looks so good!!!!!

    thank you!! wow that means a lot to me! my arm is mainly a duct tape base with craft foam glued on top and painted silver. this is the tutorial i used to make it, it’s pretty easy and inexpensive so i liked it, and it wears pretty well, after a full con day some paint chipped off so i think some kind of sealer would be good too. thanks again!

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  3. my winter soldier cosplay from fan expo 2014. super fun costume to wear

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  5. sprinkles-of-nietzsche said: Hey, I think my friend phoenixtorn snapped a pic of your Alison cosplay at FanExpo, I saw a pic of a really good one on her blog. If that was you, nice job, you really got the details down nicely! :)

    yep that was me! thanks!

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    came back from my toronto/fan expo trip today. so awesome! best parts were definitely meeting matt smith and seeing his panels, and wearing my alison hendrix cosplay and having so many people being excited to see it. i’ll have some pics up this week.

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    Orphan Black at Fan Expo over the weekend ft. Jennifer’s body (RIP), nonuniqueindie & peapodbond, Teddy, and Peter Outerbridge (aka Henrik!)

    Beautiful <3

    Ahh! the Helena is my roommate being-lola-star!

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An AMAZING Spider-Gwen by BENGAL


    An AMAZING Spider-Gwen by BENGAL

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    [14/?] favourite films:
    Never Let Me Go (2010) dir. Mark Romanek

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